"And in the time of greatest despair there shall come a savior and he shall be known as: THE SON OF THE SUN"
("Journal of the Whills," 3:12)
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My name is Darth Cansanii


Darth Sidious is not Senator Palpatine.

1) Check pages 318-323 in Terry Brooks’ Novel “The Phantom Menace”

Chancellor Palpatine is at Qui-Gon’s Funeral on Naboo,
This cuts to Darth Sidious on Coruscant,
And then cuts to the Celebrations on Naboo the next day, with Palpatine present.

I doubt that Palpatine would fly all the way back to Coruscant for the night to be Darth Sidious. This is
replaced in the movie by a suspicious close-up of Palpatine at the funeral, after the Jedi Masters ask which
Sith was killed.
Now you’ll probably say ‘the city Darth Sidious is in is never said’. An author doesn’t need to imply
where a character is if it follows on from elsewhere. If they are talking about Anakin, you don’t need to
repeat his name in each sentence. On pages 249-250, the section with Obi-wan apologizing to Qui-Gon, it
has no location described, but we know they’re in the swamp for a previous section. This applies to Darth
Sidious in a city at the end.
Page 134 tells of Darth Sidious on a balcony with Darth Maul looking over the city. Since Pages 318-323
describe our second physical appearance of Sidious and he’s on a balcony in the city, it’s just following on
from our last encounter.

2) When watching Star Wars: A New Hope before seeing The Empire Strikes Back, you wouldn’t of had a
clue that Darth Vader was Luke’s Father, and then before seeing Return Of The Jedi, you also wouldn’t of
had a clue Luke and Leia were related, right?

How come George Lucas in making The Phantom Menace wanted so easily for his audience to pick up
straight away that Senator Palpatine and Darth Sidious are the same (i.e.: played by Ian McDiarmid),
whereas it was impossible to comprehend the hidden relationships between the Old Trilogy’s character
which were eventually revealed?

He must want to trick us into thinking their the same to create a more surprise revelation for the Palpatine
character, just like Darth Vader - “I am your father”.

3) Notice how Darth Sidious’ eyes are always hidden in The Phantom Menace.

In Return Of The Jedi, The Emperor is seen with reddish eyes - a sign of the dark side is eating away at
him, said in the ROTJ Novel and also look at Darth Maul’s eyes (Ep1).
If we saw Sidious’ reddish eyes, we could tell straight away he is not Palpatine, but George kept it a

Senator Palpatine doesn’t have reddish eyes, nor does it even seem he has the Force.

4) If Palpatine is Sidious, then why doesn’t Palpatine use Force Persuasion on the Queen. It looks like he
does, but it’s just his nature to look deceptive. Palpatine doesn’t come across as a Force user (he doesn’t
notice Anakin’s power at the end).

5) I find it very strange that Palpatine is some sort of Superman/Batman, changing costume into Sidious
from Senate to Villainous work.

6) Palpatine is very old, and Darth Maul is about 25. If Sidious took Darth Maul as a baby and trained in
the ways of the dark side, this means Palpatine has been playing around the dark side a long time. Where's
his power of the force? His red eyes?

7) Issues of voice and physical appearance being identical -explained in the conclusion.

8) Dialogue is a strong point. Does Sidious say anything that could link to Senator Palpatine or The
Emperor. Nope

- the words; “young Skywalker” used by the Emperor and Palpatine links them together definitely.

9) The possibility that Palpatine is Darth Sidious’ clone (or vice versa) is both stupid and predictable for
George to go ahead with. Automatically, people realized the Clone Wars are in the next Episode and
started jumping to conclusions too early. Very boring if this happens. The problem with this is the
dark side would stream from Palpatine if he was made from Darth Sidious (remember midichlorians?).

10) Why was the scientific side of the Force explored by George Lucas in The Phantom Menace?

a) to explain how Anakin is strong in the Force.
b) to explain the Force a bit more.
c) to explain clones in Episode 2 easily.
d) to explain the ‘Jedi Disappearing Act’ (e.g.. Qui-Gon’s midichlorians were too weak).
e) maybe one of the above, but read on.

11) Why isn’t Sidious in the Credits of Episode 1? It’s obvious Ian McDiarmid is both Sidious and
Palpatine. It’s not wrong to credit an actor twice, is it? If Palpatine is really Sidious, he didn’t need to be
in the credits, or more likely, George didn’t want us to say
‘ Ian McDiarmid is Palpatine and Sidious, so Palpatine is Sidious’.

12) Darth Sidious’ Cut Line
After losing the Naboo ship on Tatooine, Darth Maul calls back to his master. Sidious says: ‘I’ll deal with
them myself’. (The ship is heading toward Coruscant).
Why was it cut? Does it head towards Sidious being Palpatine too much? George again didn’t want to give
the wrong impression.

How George Lucas makes Palpatine look bad to convince us he’s Sidious
- when the Naboo team arrive at Coruscant, with first shot of Palpatine being peculiar.
- pushing for her to call for vote of no confidence.
- looking depressed when she puts the idea down.
- not talking persuasively to a second option, a plea to the courts.
- sneaky talk to the Queen in the senate chamber (no one else present to hear, the Queen is naive).
- close-up when she does call for a vote of no confidence (his expression very peculiar).
- close-up when Mace and Yoda talk about Sith Master (suspicious music).

All these examples are just foreshadowing the future for Palpatine as Emperor.

Darth Sidious Possibilities
1) Palpatine’s father - not likely, they look the same age.
2) Palpatine’s clone (or vice versa)
3) Palpatine’s twin
4) Palpatine himself
5) super-being with morphing abilities to replace Palpatine as Chancellor in Episode 2.
6) Ghost relation - appears mostly as holograms

Things to Look at carefully
The only physical appearance of Sidious on Coruscant with Darth Maul is special. Its our chance to look
very closely at this Sidious character, rather than a hologram. He sure acts like a younger Emperor but not
Senator Palpatine. I doubt Palpatine could hide his evilness as shown in Sidious’ appearances.

Listen carefully to the music in the background when Sidious is present. Sidious has the Emperor’s theme,
there is also a short distinct musical piece right before we see Sidious on Coruscant - like the Empire
theme from the Old Trilogy.

Look at Palpatine’s reaction when the Queen leaves to go back to Naboo. He drops his head. No one is
watching him, the Queen has left, so only the audience sees it. This shows his concern for the Queen
signing the treaty. If he’s Sidious, why would he do this when nobody was watching his great acting
ability to deceive?

Things that will probably be thrown back at me.

1) he can hide his red eyes.
2) Some of this stuff is from the Novel, and not George’s work.
3) that’s wrong (email me, and tell me why)
4) maybe George didn’t want to give away too much about Palpatine being Sidious.

Key words for Episode 2: Revelation, originality, surprise

Palpatine has always been secondary to Darth Vader as the audience’s popular villain in Star Wars. No
one has ever thought about Palpatine’s relations before The Phantom Menace was released. I tried to make
this article more than just a ‘gut feeling’. I am sure that Darth Sidious is Chancellor Palpatine’s twin
brother, possibly a rival, or maybe they’re working together to get to the top, then ??? dies and becomes
Emperor. Notice how Emperor/Senator Palpatine’s first name has never revealed. George was clever to
leave a possibly open for 20 years that he could further work on. Note how they speak the same and look
the same. Sidious could have taken a different path in his life, and follow the dark side while the other
Palpatine worked in politics. Both wanting dominance but in a slightly different way.

Here’s a few questions:
Why did Sidious strike Naboo? To help his long lost brother, behind his back, to reach Chancellor, and
encounter him in Episode 2, kill him and nobody would know.

Why attack Naboo now? Obviously, Sidious hears of one of his brother’s represented planets has a new
naive ruler to take advantage of. Get her to vote for Senator Palpatine etc (see the rest above).

Why use the Trade Federation? For the big army! We all noticed Qui-Gon say how poor of an excuse the
blockade/invasion was. With a poor but reasonable excuse, the Federation could take advantage of Naboo
under Sidious’ control.

Minor Flaws with this Theory
The Prologue in ‘A New Hope’ The Novel. The first piece of Star Wars ever shows little detail anyway
which leaves open any possibilities. It describes Senator being elected as Chancellor/president, then once
secure, declared himself Emperor. Well, George managed fit Qui-Gon in the Star Wars Saga very well
except for;

Ben Kenobi: ...Yoda, the Jedi master who instructed me...I took it upon myself to teach Anakin...I thought
I could teach Anakin as well as Yoda taught me...(What about Qui-Gon?)

Think of the order of events that happened in the old trilogy compared what has happened so far...

Episode 4 predictions for Episode 1
A ‘noboby’ boy saves a Princess/Queen
Jedi Master encounters comic relief (Han/Jar Jar)
Potential found in Luke/Anakin (Death Star fight/podrace)
Jedi Master dies (Ben/Qui-Gon)
Luke relatives dies- leads to being Jedi/Anakin leaves Mother - lead to being Jedi.
Villain dies- Tarkin/Maul
Alderaan blows up/Naboo lives
Ceremony - medal/peace ball

Episode 5 predictions for Episode 2
Rebel vs. Empire battle/Republic vs. Clones (Mandalores)
Betrayal by friend Lando/Jabba .
Revelation by Vader/Palpatine
Han in carbonite/Shmi/Kitster die
First romance scenes - Han, Leia/Anakin, Amidala
New villain - Fett/Darth Rame?

Episode 6 predictions for Episode 3
Rescue mission for Han/Shmi - Luke wins/Anakin loses
Luke beats Palpatine/Anakin falls to Palpatine
Final Battle - Rebellion wins/Republic falls
Marriage Han, Leia/Break up Anakin, Amidala
Endor lives/Naboo blows up

What do you think? Is this valid enough to say Darth Sidious is another person, even Palpatine’s twin
brother? Tell me what evidence is poor or what evidence is assuming too much. There’s not a lot of
possibilities left. Who do you think he is and why?

Email me about anything that doesn't seem right, or if you think is is enough proof for Sidious' Identity.